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Cisco Jabber 12.6.1 on XenApp 7.15 LTSR

Klaus Bachmann


Is it possible to use AUDIO with Cisco Jabber 12.6.1 in an XenApp 7.15 / Receiver 4.9.6000 environment withOUT Cisco Jabber JVDI Agent and withOUT Cisco Jabber JVDI Client?


I can install Cisco Jabber withOUT Agent and can phone someone, I have a clear voice from the other site - but my voice / my microphone is completely choppy (abgehackt) and not audible at all.


I need clearification that it is operational at all on XenApp withOUT JVDI Agent and Client.


I tried several headset of different branches - I did not use a different PC - I will test that next week.


I tested the installation with JVDI Agent and Client, it was excellent - but most of our users do not have the chance to install die client on there machines due to missing admin rights.

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