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Workspace App asking for username and password even though SSON is enabled (randomly works after a few login attemps)

jonathan shaw1709161019


Hi All, 


We have recently gone from POC to Live with our Citrix environment (the first start of VDI introduction to our workplace) 

We currently have 2 ADC (1 at each site)

4 Storefront servers (2 at each site) with GSLB pointing to a storefront URL


We are starting to roll out devices with just Windows 10 installed - and then a scripted install of Workspace App 1905 and Desktop Lock with SSON enabled and the strorefront details 

When we login to the device desktop lock starts as expected 

Then when it starts preparing desktop the Citrix Workspace App login box pops up (even though SSON is set) (please see image attached) 

If i click restart and try again it works and SSON goes through an im presented with my desktop

This has happened with a few different user accounts used on the same physical device  

I have 3 machine catalogs (of 50 VDI machines) on both sites (300 VDI machines in total) and im only testing using 5 logins so I know its not a capacity issue


The other thing i am about to test (but not sure if this helps) I used VDA 1906 when i created the master image - ive just removed VDA using the cleanup utility and installed VDA 1909 and recreating the snapshot


Any info would be much appreciated 






citrix error.jpg

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This was the output report


----------- Citrix Workspace Config Check Results  --------- 
[Test Provider:SSOnChecker.dll]

[SSONChecker][Installation][Installed with Single Sign-on][Checking that Single Sign-on was enabled when installing Citrix Workspace.]

[SSONChecker][Installation][Sign-In credential capture][Checking that Citrix Workspace's configuration allows your desktop sign-in credentials to be re-used for single sign-on.]

[SSONChecker][Installation][Network Provider registration][Problems may occur if Citrix Single Sign-on is not the first accessed Network Provider. Edit provider order in system Network Connections, Advanced Settings.]

[SSONChecker][Installation][Single Sign-on process running][Checking that the Single Sign-on process is running.]

[SSONChecker][Group Policy][Group Policy][Checking that 'Local user name and password' Group Policy is enabled or left not configured.]

[SSONChecker]['DesktopStore' store configuration][Internet settings for 'DesktopStore (https://storefront.cg.ac.uk/Citrix/CG/resources/v2)'][Checking for the 'automatic sign-in' right for the security zone of the store's URL.]

[SSONChecker]['DesktopStore' store configuration][Auth methods for 'DesktopStore (https://storefront.cg.ac.uk/Citrix/CG/resources/v2)'][Checking that domain passthrough authentication is enabled for the store.]



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