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Published application become black when working (not responding)




As described in title, we have a published application on Xenapp 7.15 CU4 that become black when it is doing something (not responding) and users complain they think it's freezed. The application become already black sometimes when the splash screen appears at start. I tried differents registry keys from the old black screens problems but i think it's not related.


Do you have any idea?


Thank you in advance for your help.

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Hi ,


Is profile management enabled on the VDA?

If so below mentioned article might resolve this issue in that case



If you are launching a published application from Windows Server 2016 VDA then the issue can be resolved with the steps mentioned in the below article




Anjani Bhiravabhatla

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Thank you for your answer. No, we are not using profile management and the application become black after it started when loading first things inside the window, for exemple when it is waiting for data from Oracle.


We're using 7.15 LTSR CU4 on Windows 2016 and it happens only when using the published version, when starting it in a published desktop, there is no problem.

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Thank you for all your answers.


Which application is triggering this issue? it's an old inhouse developped application with Powerbuilder

Is this issue reproducible consistently with this application? Not 100% consistently. Sometimes it's not doing always at the same time, sometimes for the small test that i do, i don't see the black application.

 Could you please share the error logs for this issue ? there is no error, it's only visual


I tried HungAppTimeout registry key without success


And yes the application is working normally from xenapp published desktop or RDP

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