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Nitro API - Call to disable GSLB Service?

Gregor Blaj

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Just wondering if an API call exists for disabling a GSLB service? I cannot see it in the docs but I might be missing something. If there is no such call (yet) I guess the only other option is to remove the binding from the GSLB virtual server?


Thanks for any help.

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1 hour ago, Ross Bender said:

One way to check is to tail the nitro.log and request.log files in /var/log while you are doing the operation in the GUI. That should help point in the right direction as to the appropriate API/SDK method to use.


Thanks, that got it. I could see in nitro.log that it was a POST call and in httpaccess.log that it went to /nitro/v1/config/service, rather than 'gslbservice'. There is no request.log file.




Cheers for your help.

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Strange … I don't get my GSLB services returned with a GET to the service endpoint.

What I needed to do was to disable the target vpn vserver:


$body = @{

$body = ConvertTo-JSON $body
Invoke-RestMethod -uri "$hostname/nitro/v1/config/vpnvserver?action=disable" -body $body -WebSession $NSSession `
     -Headers @{"Content-Type"="application/vnd.com.citrix.netscaler.vpnvserver+json"} -Method POST


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Good point, disabling the VPN/LB vserver would work too but as long as the resource is Netscaler hosted.


I don't get GSLB services returned with a GET to the Service endpoint either, but I am able to modify them (at least the 'state' property) using the Service endpoint. To return GSLB services I have to use the GSLBService endpoint.

http://{{ inventory_hostname }}/nitro/v1/config/gslbservice?attrs=servicename

I did try creating a Service with the same name as a GSLB Service and it doesn't let you, which at least sort of adds up.

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