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Session Disconnection for End User.

Thiruvarangam T


Hi ,


User session is getting Disconnection Frequently in Particular site. Mentioned steps performed during the Activity of Disconnection & Universal solution is getting(Logoff )* Resolving the issue.


Trouble Shooting Steps & Logs Investigated during the intrim...


1) Communication between the Net scalar & End User is fine.

2) Checked the Citrix Diagnosing Logs No entry observed that It's Killing Citrix 

3) Universal Solution is Resolving the Issue .


Can Any one Please give some steps to diagnose the issues during the Intrim...



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I would suggest the following and I also assuming that other users connecting through the Netscaler are not experiencing the same thing:

1) Update the version of the receiver to Workspace preferably the latest version.  I have seen cases where users with certain version of receiver & OS experience frequent disconnects

2) Check local network performance -  This being a single user issue, I would check local network drivers, AV and network performance. Run a continuous ping and see if the any drop correspond to the user's session getting disconnected.

3) Does the disconnection occur at certain times\action? is there a pattern? 




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