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How to stop other local (desktop) startup programs running automatically when you launch a published app?

Sadique Khan1709160512


On Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktops 7.15 - we predominantly use published desktop both server OS and desktop OS

We use WEM and bit of GPO to setup and tune the environment.

There is a corporate policy to start up some desktop programs when the desktop launches - like Lync  - and a sharepoint integrated active desktop module ... 

All users when starting the desktop will launch these things automatically.


But the problem is - we also want to publish some apps from server OS for iPADs / Android or alternative access etc , apps like outlook , excel, word

But any app that we start up e.g. outlook, or excel - it also loads all the other things, that the desktop would normally startup - we dont want this - it looks very silly.

We need it to only launch the application


Is there a way to differentiate whether the user is running the app without the full windows shell and stop the other things from starting up ?


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On 11/29/2019 at 11:17 AM, Sadique Khan1709160512 said:

But any app that we start up e.g. outlook, or excel - it also loads all the other things, that the desktop would normally startup - we dont want this - it looks very silly.

What other 'Things' startup that you are trying to stop?

I would suggest checking your system startup and disabling any undesired apps that start at startup. Also It sounds like you need to enable session sharing. For session sharing to occur, lets say between outlook\Word, both apps have to be published on the server. 

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Thanks for the replies ... but I don't think you guys are understanding....

We have a published desktop .. and this is  required  to start up some desktop apps when users log into a FULL desktop . (an active desktop program and Lync etc ... )

So we have used WEM to deliver the menus for all apps, and the required 'autostart' items have autolaunch enabled (in the WEM assignment config) and these things start automatically - this is good - and we want this for the full desktop :

But we also want the same users to launch published apps from the same servers (could be anything, outlook, excel..) ...

but when launching any published app, the WEM policy still runs and starts up the autolaunch applications - so instead of seeing just outlook, you get the other autolaunch stuff too

we don't want that for published apps - only the full desktop should start these apps.

So I am trying to find out what method, or parameter can be used to differentiate a published app session and a full desktop session and start up some programs when the user launches a full desktop, but NO start them when he launches a published app ?

I am hoping that I can use a conditional rule in WEM to determine if the session that opened was a full desktop session or not before executing the autolaunch

I would prefer not to scrap using WEM - im sure I could tell a startup script to check for windows shell components running in the user session before starting up these items - but we don't want to do that ...


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17 hours ago, Sadique Khan1709160512 said:

I have found the answer !

There is a filter condition in WEM called "User SBC Resource Type" which I can use to control the autolaunch apps !

This can be set to Desktop or Published application , so now I can deliver something with autolaunch only if the resource type was full desktop



I am confused - That's exactly what I said in the first response above

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