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Netscaler - Cert and LDAP Two-Factor Auth

Steven Tomney

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Hi All,


We have been asked if it is possible to do the following mainly for ActiveSync users only but covering all O365 users if needed.


We want to be able to check for the existence of a certificate (not client as we have no CA) on a device before that device is then permitted to authenticate to O365.


Our O365 domain is currently federated and we use Azure AD Sync for getting our user data into Azure.  We have no ADFS implementation.


I'll try to give an example:


User trys to access 365,  login request is sent to VPX, VPX checks the device has a machine/device cert and then checks the user is who they say they are then the device is permitted access and sent back to O365 for it's data.


So far all of the tech papers I have found describing how to acheive this all need client certs.


Is what we are trying to acheive here even possible?

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