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Zones and STA servers

Patrick Kennelly

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I have a single farm split in to 2 zones


On my storefront on my Netscaler config I have the STA set to point to a LB VIP on my Netscaler that Load Balances 2 STA servers, rather than specifying each one.


Is this the best way to do it, 


Also on the NS should i specify each on individually (thats what I think) or use the LB VIP?



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Each STA server has a unique "server id". If you add the load balancing VIP to Gateway's STA list, then Gateway would only be able to retrieve one "server id".


StoreFront picks a STA server. StoreFront asks the STA server to create a ticket in the memory of that one STA server (not replicated to other STA servers). The STA server returns a "server id" and a "ticket id". StoreFront sends both information to the client inside the .ica file.


Gateway must communicate with the specific STA server that has the ticket in its memory. Receiver connects to Gateway and sends it the "server id" and the "ticket id". Gateway looks in its STA list for a matching "server id". If found, then it looks up the STA's FQDN from the STA list and sends the "ticket id" to that server.


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As you and Carl both mentioned, on the NS you need to specify each one individually.

On StoreFront, the best way is as you mentioned - use the LB VIP.

That goes both for the STAs and well as the DDCs (they are usually the same).

You should also use an XML monitor on the VIP, to better detect the health of the XML Service. 

Otherwise, you lose the benefit of using the LB VIP.

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