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Personality.ini file not updating

Olly Thompson1709156630




I'm replacing some DDCs (2008R2 for 2016). These new DDCs have new names but the same IP addresses so are being replaced gradually.


We have 3 zones set up with 2 DDCs in each zone. DDC2 has been replaced in all 3 zones, but now i'm seeing strange registrations - ie zone 2 and zone 3 taregts are registering with zone 1 old DDC.

VDA install was done initially with use MCS to provide a list of DDCs to the target (not my decision), and looking at the personality.ini file on the C drive, this file isn't being updated with the new DDC names. If i restart the Citrix Desktop Service after an initial registration, it looks to register with the correct zone DDC, but at the first start of the service, it looks to pick the first one it hits (also looks to be an alphabetical decision). This is even after a catalogue update following the DDC changes made.


My question is, i was under the impression the personality.ini file was persistent and if a target is in a zone, the DDC changes in that zone should be written so when the target first boots. This doesn't appear to be happening.


Anyone have any ideas on this?

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