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Citrix ADC 13 built 41.28 crashing on a daily base (at lesat)

Johannes Norz

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I see daily crashes with my ADC since updating to version 13 when it came out. I therefore updated to 13 41.20 and 41.28, but no success.


Symptoms: before actually crashing my ADC does not allow SSL connections > v3. AAA vServers don't work any more. Next stage: lb vServers don't work. Finally the box will crash. This causes serious outages to my website, mainly as HA fail over is not triggered.


I didn't find any events in /var/log. If I actually wait for the box to crash, it will dump into /var/core/\d/. I didn't see the box running out of resources. It got plenty of RAM and CPU cores (it's a 40 GBt VPX, running currently on less than 200 MBt, far from it's limit)


Troubles started after upgrading to version 13 (I did because of the improvements WAF got).


Any help would be highly appreciated.

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