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Win10/2016 File association question

Sandy Williams


Hello, using https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/windowsinternals/2017/10/25/windows-10-how-to-configure-file-associations-for-it-pros/ as my guide I modified the OEMDefaultAssociations.xml file on my OS layer (could have used GPO but didn't).


Here's my issue and I'm going to pick PDF as my example.  It's been working fine for months, it opens PDF files with Acrobat Reader without prompting the user.  New profiles, it opens Acrobat Reader.  Existing profiles however it has starting prompting users what to open PDF files with and lists a few other applications (eg. Chrome) as options.  I want to make sure users never get prompted about PDF files even if I were to install a program in the future which registers itself as being able to open PDF files.  Is there a native Windows method to handle this or do I need to go with WEM or GPO?

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Thank you both! 


@James Kindon - Yes I was contemplating just switching my XML to delivered via GPO but not sure if that's really any different than setting the file on my OS layer other than gives more flexibility when I need to update it


What happened was I had everything working well for months, users not getting prompted for PDF.  I then introduced Acrobat Pro as an elastic layer to a couple of AD groups.  A person *not* in the "Pro" AD group was suddenly prompted about PDF defaults.  Was able to reproduce with a test account. As mentioned in my original post, if the profile is reset then no prompt.  I don't NEED user specific FTA, I just need my defaults to stay defaults despite me adding in a new app.  It might not sound like a big deal to get prompted for which app to open a PDF file with but I'm dealing with incredibly non-technical staff who will call our helpdesk about this.

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