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Why is CtxCfg.exe running away with my CPU ?

Dennis Austin


We are running an on-premise installation, about 200 Windows 10 1709 non-persistent PVS desktops.  Updated image was released yesterday, after several days of testing.  Citrix servers and VDA should all be at 1909, server OS Windows 2016.  Virtual infrastructure is ESXi 6.7.  Endpoints are Dell WYSE thin-os, mostly 5070's.


And then all of the sudden at around 1530 local time, we start getting reports of desktop lockups.  By lockup, what we were hearing was that the screen was frozen.  The mouse would move but could not interact with the desktop.  After some floundering we found on the virtual infrastructure side there were multiple desktop VMs with CPU alerts and the infrastructure CPU was slowly creeping up (maxed up to 75% where we'd typically run under 20%.)  After more floundering if found that my the offending process my machine was CtxGfx.exe.  I killed it remotely from a thick client and was instantly able to get back into my VDI session (never lost it again.)  Unable to find a root cause, we've now got a batch file running every five minutes that cycles through all of our desktops and kills CtxGfx.exe.  No, it's not the final solution, but it should get us through a day or two.


We're running down the usual suspects, security scanners, etc. but they all claim "nothing changed."  Any suggestions on what could make CtxGfx.exe run with scissors would be much appreciated.



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CtxGfx.exe is related to the graphics renderer (H.264).

Check what graphic settings are used in the faulty sessions.

You might try the community edition of https://www.rdanalyzer.com


For troubleshooting you can try ThinWire+

Citrix policies:

Desktop Composition Redirecton = Disabled 

Use Video Codec for compression = Do not use video codec

Framehawk display channel = Disabled


Best regards,

Tim Wolf

Solution Architect




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