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Xenserver 8.0 CPU low performance issue

enes selcuk1709154848


Dell r740 server SILVER 4210 processor headlight, but after installing xenserver operating system hypervisor operating system and virtualized windows and linux environments can not reach the CPU max value. I have checked all the performance settings in the BIOS, but unfortunately there is no solution. Note: it can reach maximum CPU value when it is checked by installing windows operating system directly on the current server.

Intel Xeon Silver 4216
22M Cache, 2,10 GHz
xenserver 8.0.0

I tested all the next version.

# sudo xenpm get-cpufreq-para
cpu id : 0
affected_cpus : 0
cpuinfo frequency : max [2101000] min [800000] cur [2101000]
scaling_driver : acpi-cpufreq
scaling_avail_gov : userspace performance powersave ondemand
current_governor : performance
scaling_avail_freq : *2101000 2100000 2000000 1900000 1800000 1700000 1600000 150 0000 1400000 1300000 1200000 1100000 1000000 900000 800000
scaling frequency : max [2101000] min [800000] cur [2101000]
turbo mode : enabled

max 2.10 ghz but The processor can go up to 3.2 GHz under normal conditions.

xenpm start & sleep 5; killall -s SIGINT xenpm

The maximum speed of the task manager on windows is 2.10ghz.

# xenpm start 1 | grep -i "avg freq"
Avg freq 64 KHz

ll performance settings in the server bios settings are as follows.

System Profile Current Value Pending Value
CPU Power Management System DBPM (DAPC)
Memory Frequency Maximum Performance
Turbo Boost Enabled
C1E Enabled
C States Enabled
Write Data CRC Disabled
Memory Patrol Scrub Standard
Memory Refresh Rate 1x
Uncore Frequency Dynamic
Energy Efficient Policy Balanced Performance
Number of Turbo Boost Enabled Cores for Processor 1 All
Number of Turbo Boost Enabled Cores for Processor 2 All
Monitor/Mwait Enabled
Workload Profile Not Available
CPU Interconnect Bus Link Power Management Enabled
PCI ASPM L1 Link Power Management Enabled

CPU Power Management Some options include = Performans Per Watt (OS ), Performans Per Watt (DAPC ), Performance, Workstation Performans, Custom
Workload Profile Some options include = HPC Profile =,Low Latency Optimized Prodile, Virtualization Optimized Performans Profile, Virtualization Optimized Performans Per Watt Profile, Database Optimized Performans Profile, Database Optimized Performans Per Watt Profile, SDS Optimized Performans Profile and SDS Optimized Performans Per Watt Profile
I have tried the above options one by one but the result has not changed.

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