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Strange behavior with keyboard (not able to input or type) inside session Until...

Rodrigo Chaves Pimenta


Hi everyone, we are facing with some weird behavior with our Mobile users (IOs / Android).


Win2016 7.15 LTSR CU4


- Publish Notepad or Desktop (session host) on VDA servers (win2016) 

- We can´t type any keys, keyboard just doesn´t work..  you type some character and nothing happens.

- Tried change keyboard configurations from mobile too.. no effects.

- mouse clicks works normally


Some things i´ve realized:


- Only occur with set of VDAs (MCS created), in other words, with gold image.

- No problems with a really few number of users (all of them are admins, our team)


- When i´m into the session (notepad app) and keyboard doesn´t works, when use Alt+TAB i dont see any other opened app, just notepad app.

- When i´m into the session (notepad app) and keyboard works, when i use Alt+TAB i see another app opened, (ICA Seamless Host Session Agent)


The last::


- While inside the session (notepad app) with a non function keyboard, I just get another user (that works) and stablish a ica connection (storefront) OR just make a simple RDP logon, AND.....

voilá!!!! Keyboard starts works like a charm for everyone on that session. And when a hit Alt+TAB i can see (ICA Seamless session host agent).


We´ve opened citrix case. But no progress yet.

Any suggestion, or indication to trobleshoot ? 



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We´ve made some progress with this case:


I found that behavior have to do with (Region and Language) Keyboard Languages/Layout/Input languages that was setted up to default uses on golden image.. i guess.

Trying some settings and working on it do the trick.

When applied to all new users using the option "Copy Setting" on Administrative TAB at Region window.


I think there are some weird behaviors with Receiver Mobile and Keyboards and Languages. i´ve never had seen this before.


Where can i find documents about Keyboard and Languages with Xendesktop/multi session?

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