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MSSQL Server Management Studio question

John Litster


I have a server that is being used for published apps.   Citrix Virtual Delivery Agent 1909.1.   server 2016


One of the apps that I am publishing is Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 18 installed.

By itself it is running fine for the users.

BUT, they decided they needed  and add-on called SSMS-Schema Folders v1.3.1    (they have it on the regular MS remote apps and works there.


I installed the add-on just fine.    on the server, if I start up MSSQL Server management studio, then go to:   tools/option/SQL Server Object Explorer, I can see the Item named 'schema folders'  (which is as expected.

But if I, or any other user lauches from their desktop  (they get it through workspace) the 'schema folders' isn't there.


THe add on can be found at  (https://github.com/nicholas-ross/SSMS-Schema-Folders/releases)  if anybody wants to see exactly what add-on i'm talking about.



Thank you in advance for your assistance.





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Some applications install in a "per user only" fashion in that they reside a lot of the binaries in an area under the installer's profile. Microsoft teams is a good example. In turn these applications are not especially suitable for virtualization. In most instances there is tweaks that can be made but it may be it puts the app in an unsupported state if you get too clever with it.

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