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Wyse and USB Sticks

Jason King1709152542


I’m having a few issues configuring Dell Wyse 3040 and 5070 using WMS. I have 95% of things working, however I’m struggling with the USB side of things and I was hoping you can direct me to someone who could help.


We run a pretty secure XenApp environment with USB drives completely locked down for all users expect for some. I have currently got XenApp policies set in place that if you’re a member of the AD group for USB access then USB drives will be granted via Citrix. Our current terminals are configured to allow USB access, but if user A logs into XenApp from terminal 1 and isn’t a member of the USB Allow group in AD then they don’t see the USB drives even if they plug them in, they simply don’t show. However if user A logs out and user B logs into terminal 1 which is in that AD group to allow USB then they see the USB drives in Citrix.


With the new Dell’s I have them configured to allow USB access and map the drive to F, however the issue is that user A logs in which shouldn’t see the USB drive sees the USB drive as well as user B. How can I stop this from happening?


The other terminals that this configuration works on are Ncomputing N series and IGEL thin clients.


I have been testing with mapping disk drives in WMS and USB redirection, I think it could be a issue with one or the other and not 100% of difference of mapping the usb drives verses usb redirection. The policy I have configured in Citrix for these users using NComputing an IGEL terminals are:

  • Client drive redirection Allowed
  • Auto connect client drives Enabled
  • Client removable drives Allowed


Thanks Jason

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