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move database's to connect via cname

Matthew Riddler1709154367



I have a Xenapp 7-15 CU4 installation, been upgraded several times from previous versions. As such the 3 db's used to be in 1.

Using the guide below I split these out into their own databases.


I have now been told that the database server that they are currently pointing to only accept connections in a month or so using a cname.

I have a script to move the databases to a new server (last used when they were all the same database & had to change to new SQL instance).

I cannot find a script or documented process to move all 3 to the new cname.

If I use the script I have used before it will set the logging & monitoring databases back to be part of the main DB, but successfully change the server name.

If I select change database on the logging database for example, it get the following message.

The database "logging" on the instance 'citrix' (This is the new cname) has already been created and is in use by another product.
Before I ran this I stopped new logs going to the database.

Even if I could script the move of the Logging & monitoring databases, the overall script will just set them all back to the same database again.


Any advise would be much appreciated.


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