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Netscaler VPX upgrade fails


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Trying to upgrade VPX instance that runs on SDX and getting Upgrade Failed. Verified that /var had space - about 4.5GB. Per https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX208351

I cleared more space on /var and rebooted but the still fails upgrade. 

This is the current space allocation on /var


/dev/ad0s1e     13G    5.4G    7.2G    43%    /var


Another VPX on the same appliance has been upgraded to 12.1 early this year and while it had same error initially clearing files from /var fixed the issue. Does not seem to be the case with this VPX though.


The environment: 

SDX was just upgraded to 12.1  55.13

VPX that is having an issue is currently on 11.1  61.7


Do you guys have any suggestions on where to look for the issue?




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