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Microsoft Licensing for Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops

David Click


I am planning on implementing a very small VDI environment with only 30 users.

Right now we have OEM leased desktops that we will be turning in after solution is in place.

I plan to dedicate resources for each user to have their own virtual desktop instance hosted rather than pooled.

I understand that I will need to purchase a VDA license for each user and an RDS license for each user as I will be publishing apps from a presentation server.

Where I am confused is how Windows 10 will be licensed on each of these hosted virtual desktops. Do I need to purchase 30 licenses of Windows 10 on top of the VDA and RDS licenses?

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If I do not need Windows 10 licenses, how do I install the OS onto the desktop vms? Is there a generic key that they all use after being installed to activate or do you receive a key with each VDA license? I apologize, I have not looked into VDI for quite a while but already have this project approved for implementation. I am getting the latest and greatest v 7 Virtual Apps and Desktops and need to be sure that I don't have to buy Windows 10 licenses in addition to the VDA and RDS licenses. Also, for clarification, I know you don't need a Windows 10 license when publishing or sharing apps or pooling desktops as it uses the Windows User Experience and is actually the Server OS skinned to look like a client OS however I am hosting the desktops as virtual machines similar to the virtual servers. So each user will have their own virtual desktop as opposed to multiple users opening a shared desktop session. We will be publishing apps as well but only for certain users. The users here in the office would then have a thin or zero client that they would login to and open up the Citrix Workspace app to access their desktop. So I will have 30 users with 30 thin clients. I am under the impression that I will need to purchase 30 VDA per user subscriptions, 30 RDS CALs, 30 2019 server CALs, and 30 subscriptions for Office Pro Plus. Also, I have seen reference to some VDI suites but I believe this is only if you are using the MS brand of hypervisor/broker. Thank you for your time. This is the last thing I need to iron out before committing to the Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Service.

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