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Using the HTML5 reciever how much impact does it have on storefront?

Samuel Pater


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There are always two connections from any Citrix client: HTTP, and ICA.


HTTP is the StoreFront connection that authenticates the user and shows the list of icons.


ICA is the protocol after the user clicks an icon. Normally ICA is produced by Receiver/Workspace and sent directly to the VDA or proxied through a Citrix Gateway. With HTML5 Receiver, ICA produced by the browser and is tunneled through WebSockets either directly to the VDA or through Citrix Gateway. In other words, nothing changes for StoreFront.

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Thank you for the quick reply Carl.

The reason this question arose is that I'm trying to figure out what the impact would be if you switch from the workspace app to only html5.

And where the workload would be in the configuration.

So if I understand correctly the workload would not really change?

I'm still new to Citrix and still working on getting certified. But I just couldn't find it in the documentation.


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