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Upgrading PVS to 1909 but not getting prompted to upgrade DB

Andy Gramata1709152633


I was wondering if anyone has had this issue. I'm upgrading PVS 1906.1 to 1909 and after upgrading the software on the first PVS server I never get prompted to upgrade the database at the end of the configuration wizard. In past PVS upgrades I've always got the 'the database will be upgraded.....' message. In this case, the prompt never appears, all the PVS services restart and the wizard just finishes with no errors.


I'm a full domain admin, SQL sysadmin, etc, nothing has changed from my last PVS upgrade permissions-wise that I'm aware of. I know that i can generate a .sql script to upgrade the database manually, but I've never had to do this in the past because I have all the proper rights to access SQL.


I've looked at the release notes, documentation, etc, but I don't see anything about this version NOT upgrading the DB. 

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