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Citrix 7.x SCOM management pack - User Logon Duration

Casper Gebuijs


Hi everyone!



- Citrix XenApp 7.15 LTSR CU4


The alert originates from this Citrix SCOM mangement pack:

- Citrix Management Pack for XenApp and XenDesktop (EndUser)         3.14.358.0


Issue: strange SCOM alert rule 'User Logon Process - Complete Duration (Alert)


Problem description:

I see between 1 and 5 alerts per day about the 'User Logon Process - Complete Duration' on our Citrix farm.

The time reported in these alerts is a cumulative number that varies, but is ranging between 600 seconds to as high as 1000 seconds.

However, upon investigation the reported users did in fact not experience this. Further investigation via Director and in the Ivanti Console (the interactive session part) did not yield numbers that add up even remotely to the reported Logon complete duration. In fact, average logon duration looks fine in Director which corresponds with the user experience of the reported users.

So, we have a SCOM alert that seems to report bizarre 'complete logon duration' numbers.


Some findings on the alerts so far:

1. Between 4 and 6 minutes after the 'logon start time' the alert is created. This is strange in itself, because this means 4 to 6 minutes after the logon process starts, SCOM reports the total logon process has taken for ex. 800 seconds (~13 minutes).

2. The SCOM alert itself contains the numbers of the separate logon phases. Upon checking these numbers, they are accurate for each phase. This has been verified in Director and in the Ivanti Console for the interactive part. It seems however, the alert is created when all these numbers are added up and this results in a strange total number.

3. In the SCOM alert description, the duration of each phase is in seconds. When going to the properties of the SCOM alert and going to Alert Context, i see the values displayed in a different way.

For example  from the Alert Context:

Property Name CompleteLogonDuration has value 867. This is apparently in seconds and is the value used in the alert.

Property Name HDXConnectionTime has value 31. This value is NOT in seconds, because from the alert description it is actually displayed as 3.1 seconds.

Now, adding up the numbers from the Alert Context does NOT yield the total number so the total value still remains unexplained.


4. This alert has been observed over all our separate Citrix farms (various customers), monitored by the same SCOM system. The common denominator seems to me the Citrix SCOM Management pack mentioned above.


This is as far as i've come.

Obviously I've googled for this alert but I haven't found it mentioned in this particular situation. Not did i find mention of this issue on these forums so far.

I would like to see this alert for actual logon processes that take a long time for various reasons. But currently, this alert is a false positive that is unexplained and keeps returning.


Has this been observed before? Is this a configuration issue of the management pack? Or is the management pack broken?



Any suggestions are appreciated.

Kind regards,



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Problem seems to be the delimiter between different OS languages.

Our Delivery Controllers have been installed with English OS and German language pack.


Changing the Default language to German or any other language having a delimiter of "," instead of "." causes the wrong calculated logon time.


Change Reg Key: HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Control Panel\International\sDecimal from "," to "."  on all Delivery Controllers does the trick


Best Regards,





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Here to confirm this solution solved the issue for us as well.


As Daniel says, the problem seems the Citrix Management Pack (3.14.358.0) in combination with the OS locale.

Our delivery controllers are installed with default English OS, Dutch locale and keyboard layout United States-International. No language packs!

It's the locale that makes the difference here. As it uses the (european?) notation: 123.456.789,00

sDecimal is set to ',' (comma)


I've tested changing the Region > Format in Control Panel to English (united kingdom) which also uses the US notation, but this doesn't fix the problem.

The registry key remains set to comma. I guess this is set during OS installation.


So again, the regkey solution given by Daniel solves the issue with this version of the Citrix Management Pack for XenApp and XenDesktop (EndUser) --> 3.14.358.0

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