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Olaf Lackemann1709153710


Hi boys,

I have a problem with the WFICA32.exe and its CPU load. We can't find the cause, maybe someone else has a clue.

Our environment:

Server 2012
VirtualApps 7 1906
Workspace App 19.4 - 19.9

What is my problem?
Our customers start working on our VDAs, from here they start the IE to an external Citrix VirtualApps system and start a special software (WODIS). Now some users experience a load of 20-30% on the WFICA32.exe. The load increases as soon as the application is idle. If you are working actively, no significant load is visible.


What have I done so far?
1st HPCPolling, various values tried 16-500.

2. Regkeys tested

3. hardware acceleration disabled
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Citrix\ICA Client\Graphics Engine]

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Policies\Citrix\ICA Client\Graphics Engine]

4. tested several workspace apps

5. logged from our other VDAs in the external customer environment to avoid problems with our VDAs. It also occurs here. Which leads me to consider whether the problem is with us at all. We are only the client, so to speak.

6 The external service provider is not helpful so far. All customers would have the same settings. 

7. I have an open Citrix Support Case, but so far not helpful either. First guess it's the Workspace App. But I don't think so because it comes with different versions.

I'm very grateful for any advice.

Thanks for helping.


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Good thing is you can reproduce the issue ;)
I would suggest to:

#1 isolate a server to reproduce the issue on a server with a single session only

#2 Check for scheduled tasks that might start in idle mode

#3 when the issue occurs, try to identify all unnecessary processes and services and stop/kill them, see if the CPU load goes down

#4 check related processes and behaviour with procmon

#5 verify the CPU load in Console/RDP only session


Make sure all necessary Citrix exclusions for antivirus or other 3rd party apps are set.


I've seen antivirus like McAfee or monitoring tools like Aternity to interfere with some apps and cause lags or unusual high loads.


Best regards,
Tim Wolf
Solution Architect

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