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HTML5 white tab and spinning Citrix Workspace icon, session never launches

Kai Zastrutzki1709154602


Hey all,



After an upgrade of the Netscaler from 12.x to version NS13.0 41.20.nc, users can no longer connect to our Citrix 1906 desktop using the HTML5 receiver. I've tested this in Chrome, Edge, FireFox, Edge Canary, all results are the same. I can log into the user account, choose the Light receiver, then click on a desktop. A tab opens but the connection never establishes.


I've never had to configure anything for this to work besides the fallback option in StoreFront (also 1906 now by the way). Reading up on this, it seems enabling websocket connections in the HTTP profiles was necessary. Changed that, but still no go.


Anybody have any ideas on how to even start troubleshooting this?

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