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SSL Certificate renewal automation.

Abhijith KS

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6 hours ago, Paul Blitz said:

Define "automated"? How automated? Are you expecting Netscaler to go out and purchase the updated cert :-) (Now THAT would be a good feature!)

Not really Paul :) when I say automation, something like a python script which can be used to raise csr's and bind the certificates. Purchasing to be done manually, but something which would decrease the human efforts. Right now we have lots of load balancers and many certificates to renew, so need to reduce the manual process.

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MAS (aka Citrix ADM) can certainly highlight certs ending soon, and includes the tools to create CSRs locally.


Beyond that, I have no experience, sorry.


You should be able to use, for example, OpenSSL, to create the CSR, use SCP to upload the file, and Netscaler Nitro calls to do the actual cert update. Sounds like an interesting project!



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