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Random User Logoff Notification for Customer Experience Improvement Program

Andrew Gresbach1709152664


We have been battling a very strange issue in our MCS non persistent environment for the past several months in both Windows 7 and 10 environments.   The issue is users will be actively working and they will see their session say "Restarting" and down it goes.   This looks to be a graceful restart as far as we have been able to tell and have been trying to gather more details for a while now since Windows logs clear on reboot .   We are using Full User Layer but those logs don't get captured in that obviously.   Recently we found a scripted way to add a 2nd persistent disk to every MCS desktop in the pool (Nutanix in our example) and I was able to point the Windows logs to that new D:\ successfully.   Anyways,  tonight i'm seeing the first few examples show up and from what I can tell its the same event in the System log each time it occurs and not sure what to do about it.   




As far as I can tell i already have the Customer Experience Improvement Program disabled so not sure what else to do.   any ideas would be appreciated!  thank you!

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curious if you have been able to track this down further?  I am seeing a very similar pattern, although, I do not think my machines (only two reports thus far) are restarting, but are logging out even though the user is disconnecting the session.   Normal behavior is to lock the physical machine (Remote PC) after a disconnect.


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