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Can Netscaler support multiple MFA methods for different domains?

Chi-lien Lee

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Hi all,


I am new to Citrix world and need help to see if Netscaler can support two MFA methods for two different domains?  Currently we have Netscaler + DUO/on-prem ADFS configured for the main domain but would like to add one more domain for different set of users.  Since Microsoft MFA is no extra cost so eventually we would like to switch over to Microsoft MFA.  But for now this new domain need to set up ASAP so we would like to use Microsoft MFA so later we don't need to migrate users from this new domain.  Is this dual set up possible?  If so, is there any requirement and documentation that I can follow?  Any information is greatly appreciated.  




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Yes. You can configure Cascading Authentication. If the highest priority authentication policy/server fails, it will attempt to authenticate using the next highest priority authentication policy/server. It will continue until either authentication succeeds, and the user is successfully logged on, or there are no more authentication policy/servers to try, and authentication fails.

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