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VM wont start: Internal error: xenopsd

Alan Souza


Hello, i have problem in 1 e-mail VM. I have 2 disk and most important disk crash. VM wont start, give a error:  Internal error: xenopsd internal error: Storage_interface.Illegal_transition(_)

I see many topics here and i execute:


xe vbd-unplug uuid=e935720b-cb03-6f57-bef5-3fff7950b6c9

 but show me:


You attempted an operation on a VM that was not in an appropriate power state at the time; for example, you attempted to start a VM that was already running.  The parameters returned are the VM's handle, and the expected and actual VM state at the time of the call.
vm: 6a0f3071-6834-6ead-b7c6-b4c6fde05e25 (ARS-MAIL02)
expected: running
actual: halted


Even when a start VM and do xe vbd-unplug uuid=e935720b-cb03-6f57-bef5-3fff7950b6c9   i give this msg


I cant move this VDI to other SR, says " This VDI is not avaible"


I see the VDI in /dev/VG_XenStorage-...../VHD-7663dd60-a90b-434b-b36e-293aac968d9d with your respective size (450GB)


I try forget VDI and make a new VM with same specs, attach, but again not start...


Xenserver 7.6.
Could any hotfix have caused this? It happened after 003

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