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Need to Sync folders for users on Root of C:\

Ross Faverty1709158252


We have an application called ProjectWise which is basically a cloud solution for project files & folders. The folder to which all the files and folders for a particular project are downloaded to is determined by the project owner. This means that the location to where data is downloaded is different depending on the project which is a serious hurdle at times for end users. 


Our users have started work on a new project where this folder is on the root of the C: drive. So when users log out each day all the data is wiped out and they have to reload all the project data each morning which can take 10-15mins at a time.


We need this folder to be part of the their profile so that the data in those folders remains persistent between sessions. 


Windows 10 1803

Citrix 7.15.4

Non-persistent desktops


Everything is AppLayered



Is this possible and/or if not, any recommended solutions? My research so far has yielded very little to nothing so far because the folder is on the root of the C: drive. 

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On 11/16/2019 at 7:48 AM, Kasper Johansen1709159522 said:



I don't know anything about ProjectWise, but it sounds like FSLogix App Maskin might be something worth looking at.


Here is a short video demo that show the FSLogix App Masking redirection feature, which might be the feature you need:


Thank you. Going to try Symbolic links first and failing that will try FSLogix. Thanks

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