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Application does not launch providing no error on some devices

Tyler Mosgrove


We use a published application that is hosted by our state via Citrix Receiver 4.4.3 (problem occurs with older and newer versions of Citrix Receiver too). We are experiencing an issue with some devices that cannot launch the published application using Citrix Receiver directly or the the provided web interface. The application will appear to launch sometimes displaying the starting dialog with a progress bar and prematurely exit displaying no error. This behavior so far has only been seen on Windows 7 machines but works on other devices running Windows 7. The problem appears to be independent of the user because he/she can login from other devices.  All of the proposed solutions I have seen for this kind of behavior point to changes that need to be made on the XenApp server which we obviously have no control over. We have used the Citrix Receiver clean up utility, reinstalled Citrix Receiver, mucked around in the registry, and used the reset receiver functionality too many times to count. Watching the packets being sent/received by WFICA32.EXE on these devices shows a completed TLS handshake with the server and communication continues for about two seconds then drops. Our state does not have the ability to provide us with any support outside of the "did you try reinstalling Citrix Receiver" which is truly frustrating. Any ideas? If additional information is needed please let me know. Thanks.

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