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Citrix ADC asynchroning routing

Christian Pätkau

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we have a problem with asynchronig routing. Our ADC has two NICs. The first NIC is for the MGMT traffic and the second NIC is for the productive traffic. We have an Admin Server to administrate the ADC via the MGMT NIC and with a route we ensure that the traffic is send trough the MGMT NIC.
Now we have following problem:

The Admin Server has to send productive data (to an vServer) to the PROD NIC. And now we are getting a conflict with the MGMT route. If the Admin Server sends productive data, the response is sent via the MGMT NIC and so we have asynchroning routing.

We tested it with NetProfiles, but without success.

Is there an solution?

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We are using firewall clustering in active/passive. Can we still use MBF?


MBF should be disabled in the following situations:


- When firewall clustering is used. Firewall clustering assumes that ARP is used to resolve the MAC address for inbound traffic. Sometimes the inbound MAC address can be a non-clustered MAC address and should not be used for inbound packet processing.


What are the disadvantages of MBF? I have read that with MBF performance problems and packet drops can occur.


Is it possible to do it with PBR?


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