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NetScaler Gateway login shows HTTP 500 Internal Error Immediately after login

Shang Yong Chew

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Hi all i am trying to setup a netscaler Gateway which tied to my Xenapp farm.


Everything well okay.. 


Cert signed and installed into virtual IP


Gateway State Up


STA Status up


IIS site successfully bind able to access xenapp login page by clicking browse *.443 at IIS


However when user try to login through gateway.


those who enter a wrong credential will be prompt invalid credential


however those who enter the correct credential immediately have a 500 internet server error..


Any advice on this?



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As below... However one thing i've discover is that although the STA is as of Picture 2. I've found and error which say unable to fetch storepath from storefront FQDN. Hence i work around it by manually input the following




Not sure if this is alllow.. could i ask too what do i need in terms of firewall port opening and storefront path settings for the successful retrieving of storepath. Anyway i could troubleshoot what is wrong?



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