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Timeline for ARM64 support for Win10 Workspace/Receiver UWP App?

Paul Erickson


Hi, does anyone have an idea when the UWP  / windows store version of the Workspace app will incorporate native ARM64 support?


This will be essential for the incoming crop of ARM64 Windows machines in the pipeline with various ODMs, and existing ones like Surface Pro X, HP Envy X2 convertible (Snapdragon), and so on. The existing Workspace UWP app runs under x86/32-bit emulation on ARM64 Windows and is laggy.



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Yes, you can run Citrix Workspace fine, as long as it is the Windows Store version.


Citrix is long overdue to release an updated version with arm64 support however.


Puzzling, since porting the existing application from win64 to arm64 using visual c++/Visual Studio literally takes minutes, and the company could easily release it as an unofficial / unsupported standalone .exe installer download in the interim, before deciding to make an official release.


Hopefully they will do it soon, given that Microsoft, Samsung (Galaxy Book S), andQualcomm, have released machines or are enabling a crop of incoming machines all running Windows on arm64.


Moreover Apple is busy developing arm-based Macs for release in 2021 or 2022. Why Citrix is dragging its feet on releasing an arm compatible version of workspace, is unknown.


In the meantime you can still use the Windows Store version. Thus far though it does not run as snappily as on a regular Intel machine since it is running under emulation, it does run and work fine even for extended sessions.

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34 minutes ago, Stephen Taubenfeld said:

Cool, thanks.  I will try it when I get home.  I'm in the financial industry and also can't install Bloomberg Anywhere... which is a bummer.  But if I can run Citrix, I can use my Bloomberg Terminal. 

I would email the developers / Bloomberg about Bloomberg Anywhere.

With Surface Pro X, Galaxy Book S, and other devices incoming, they need to update their app. 




The process of converting a Windows 10 app to ARM64, is a very very simple one. Install the ARM/ARM64 libraries in Visual Studio, load up your original projects, set ARM64 as the target, and build. Same goes for any drivers for vpn or tunneling etc, arm64 versions can be immediately made using the original source code, Visual STudio and Microsoft's WDK. Set ARM64 target, hit the build button and boom you're done.


They can do it in minutes. It is not a question of it taking much effort at all. Most companies don't care yet and most also don't even know the Surface Pro X exists.



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I don't usually post but I felt the need to following hours of research and frustration.


While there is no solution right now for Citrix Workspace, I recommend reaching out to your IT team to see whether your virtual desktop is (still) compatible with the legacy Citrix Receiver app. This worked for me.

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