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Change of nsroot password breaks nsrecover access for secondary appliance

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ADM version 12.1 54.13


I recently expereinced a DB issue which required me to admin from CLI.  I was not able to access the console of the secondary appliance until after resetting the nsroot password per, https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX232550


After some experimenting, I find that if I don't change nsroot password, I am still able to access using nsrecover.  It is so clear-cut that changing the password back and forth from default enables/disables access (but only on the secondary.  Primary continuse to allow)  Is there a setting to explicitly enable/disable nsrecover (root) access?


At CLI, proper password simply fails.  Via SSH (Putty) I get reponse of: pam_unix: pam_sm_authenticate: UNIX authentication refused

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