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ADC HA in 2 separate AWS AZs

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I have 2 ADCs in 2 different AWS AZs in the same region.

The VPC is made up of 6 subnets (3 in each AZ), Client, Mgt and Backend.

I have created HA nodes using the inc feature and created an IPSet with the passive VIP. I have then assigned a EIP to the primary VIP and the relevant IAM roles to move the EIP between VIPs.

The failover works (from a ADC) point of view but the EIP doesnt move to the passive EC2 instance. I am also puzzled how the second instance would pick up the traffic if the LB Vserver is using the Primary VIP. 

I have looked at most of the documentation supplied by Citrix but I could do with a definitive way of setting HA up on AWS using 2 AZs.


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