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Xen Server 7.0 rebooted with no root cause

Reg Dancy1709159709




I've several Xen servers reboot periodically with no root cause:


Steps I have performed to (unsuccessfully) isolate the root cause:

Checking /var/log/kern.log, user.log - nothing exceptional found within the day leading up to the event

Checking /var/log/dmesg, dmesg.last yields no exceptional results, except the following:

dmesg|grep -i error
[   37.879705] ioapic: probe of 0000:00:05.4 failed with error -22
[   37.879714] ioapic: probe of 0000:80:05.4 failed with error -22
[   37.990701] ERST: Error Record Serialization Table (ERST) support is initialized.
[   45.124534] Error: Driver 'processor_aggregator' is already registered, aborting...
[   54.620637] Error: Driver 'processor_aggregator' is already registered, aborting...



Checking /var/log/audit.log - no API calls found that would imply a reboot (to my knowledge)

Checking xencenter for errors/notifications/stats - no alerts present.  No unusual usage trends

Checking /var/crash, the directory is empty (exempt a .sacrificial-space-for-logs file)


Now I do have several VMs running on the host but I do have sufficient memory to support them:


# free
              total        used        free      shared  buff/cache   available
Mem:        4196048     1133772      102268       41468     2960008     2869975
Swap:       1048572           0     1048572


These servers are approximately 4 years old.


Any thoughts on what is causing this?


Thanks in advance....



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This is Xen 7.0, patches are fully applied. No crash dump generated. There is sufficient disk space. Memory is below:



                          total        used               free              shared  buff/cache   available
Mem:        4196048     1156120      358512       36268     2681416     2853219
Swap:       1048572        1176     1047396


I'm not familiar with new partition layout.


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If XenServer periodically randomly reboots it could be that the servers are not on the HCL and there 

are incompatibilities, or it could be hardware gone bad such as memory. If your hardware is from 

a primary vendor there should be diagnostics you can run to troubleshoot hardware issues if you

suspect that could be the cause.




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On 11/13/2019 at 3:01 PM, Reg Dancy1709159709 said:

Thanks. I have enabled health checks. Enabling crash dumps appears to require a reboot so I will need to schedule that.


Hi! I'm having the same problem here, having those strange reboots here and there but couldn't find any clue about it. Have you found more about this after enabling Health Checks and Crash Dumps? 


Thank you! 

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