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Apple iPad - Citrix QuickEdit Version 6.13

Ross Igglesden


Dear Citrix Knowledgebase,


I am trying to help a person who has Citrix QuickEdit 6.13 installed on their Apple iPad device.  They have been using the software for over 4 years and we need to get access to her files, as she has very important information stored within the software.  The software is no longer available within the Apple App Store. 


I believe the software has been updated to a new paid subscription version of QuickEdit, how can we get access to her old data?


Thank you in advance,


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Hi there,


The 'Enterprise distribution' version of QuickEdit for iOS (version 6.15.2) is available for download from the following link:





The 'Public App Store distribution' version of QuickEdit for iOS (version 19.10) is available from the Apple App Store at the following link:





The product link page is at https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/mobile-productivity-apps/quickedit.html


Considering that the user has an old version installed, with a version number matching 'Enterprise Distribution' (not 'Public App Store' distribution), I believe this explains why it appears that the specific app is not found on the App Store (even though the link above shows that the app 'is' found on the App Store).

If trying to restore the data, then it is worth first checking if the app instance which is installed is 'MDX Wrapped' (fully managed) or unwrapped (no MDX being used for containment). If MDX 'is' being used for containment, then the data contents is fully encrypted anyway (no way to restore other than opening up the app as an authorised user and getting to the data that way). Even if 'unwrapped' (non MDX) QuickEdit is being used, I am unsure of how to 'get the data' without being able to open the app as an authenticated user.

Hopefully some of the links or details above will help with your efforts.





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Help.  I think I have a similar if not the exact same issue.  I downloaded a free version of QuickEdit IOS for Ipad.  Today I discovered it was no longer downloaded on my Ipad.  It shows I can be re download with a cloud symbol.  If I somehow removed it, it was not intentional.  I used the App just a week ago.  However, when I tried to download again, it stated it was unable to install as the "app is no longer available in the App Store."  I called support and they said my best option was to post a question here.  I have downloaded the new App available at the App Store as suggested above hoping to migrate old documents.  Unfortunately I get a message that I do not have access to open the new App.  (I do not even know if the new App will let me retrieve my old documents.  I am just hoping from the post above)


I know that what I was using was likely free.  I cannot even remember.  I have been using it for about 5 years.  I wish I had received some sort of notification that it was going away.  I would have migrated the important documents I have saved on the old App.  Is there anyway to reinstall the old app and/or get those old documents?

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