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Constant crashing 7.15 LTSR CU1



We have 25 servers that are created using MCS. We have BSODs every day at random times, but we are finding a pattern that makes us believe the servers are crashing when someone is logging on or off, judging by the hours this is happening. 


VMware VSphere Hypervisor

Citrix 7.15 LTSR CU1

Windows Server 2012 image


The two BSODs I have been able to catch are:




I have been connected to a server before it crashes and I can see how it looses internet connection(NIC re-negotiates) for a few seconds, comes back and then BSODs.



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Hi rturk146, do you know if the VMware infrastructure / hosts have been updated? From system level, I would verify that you are running the latest VMware agent tools and have recently MS update the MCS image before re-deploying. The drivers that are causing the BSOD are network driver related issues and these could be due to image update or needed update if the infrastructure was updated.

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