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Delivery Controller - How to modify DG desktop's description using powershell

Lukas Valda


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Hi, your command modifies the description of the whole delivery group (A description for this desktop group useful for administrators of the site, in my situation of the group "vls-B25" - previous picture) but not the description for the desktop itself (B25 + B36). This description is visible on receiver website.


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On 11/12/2019 at 10:17 AM, Ganesh Raju said:


Thank you, it works!



$dg = "vls-B"
function Edit-Description($dg)
		$group = Get-BrokerDesktopGroup $dg
		$groupID = (Get-BrokerDesktopGroup $group.UiD | select UiD).UiD
		$groupNames = (Get-BrokerEntitlementPolicyRule -DesktopGroupUid $groupID | select Name).Name
		foreach ($name in $groupNames)
			$description = (Get-BrokerEntitlementPolicyRule $name | select Description).Description
			$descriptionNew = "Blocked to the public, " + $description
			Get-BrokerEntitlementPolicyRule $name |Set-BrokerEntitlementPolicyRule -Description $descriptionNew





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