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Moving from XenApp to XenDesktop plus Nvidia card help

Andy White1709154166




Apologies if this is the wrong forum for this.


We currently use XenApp 7.15 LTSR CU3 on VMware and we have recently merged with a company that uses XenDesktop 7.18 LTSR on Citrix Hypervisor.  The plan is to build a new environment on Citrix Hypervisor 7.x or even try 8.x.  They have bought the Nvidia Telsa T4 cards and I was wondering what the install process is for these as I think I will be tasked with this, and simple steps would be most appreciated and I can the do some deeper research.  Once Citrix Hypervisor is installed then I guess the cards will go in to each Dell 740 PowerEdge and we will need to install the drivers somewhere and then once we have built the master desktop image we will need make sure that has the driver too and somehow pass it through to the users desktop.


I used the Nvidia Grid cards on XenApp and VMware just passed through the vGPUs to the VDA workers which had the drivers installed.


Moving from XenApp (VMware) to XenDesktop (Citrix Hypervisor) concerns me a little as I've not used this before, I guess I just need to see the new process.


Thanks in advance for your time.


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