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PCI Scan failure for jquery vulnerability using Netscaler version 11

Jacob Haugh

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Good Afternoon,


We have a customer using NetScaler NS11.1: Build 58.13.nc and they had a PCI Scan that was run and failed on CVE-2015-9251 - JQuery < 3.4.0 Object Prototype Pollution Vulnerability.


Currently the customer in on NetScaler version 11 and has a Jquery version below 3.3. 


They want to remediate the PCI Scan failure so I am wondering if the current version 11 NetScaler allows for an upgrade of the Jquery component to above 3.4 or do we need to advise the customer to upgrade to a newer version of NetScaler.


I have found the following article that relates to this issue but is a more updated CVE related to NetScaler version 12.



Thanks for your assistance to resolve this.

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