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Netscaler login failures - Management Interface - Tracing originating IP and Blocking it from further access

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Hi all -


Looking at some of our alerts in MAS, we noticed periodic alerts with netScalerLoginFailure:<username eg root, nsroot, user>.  The alerts occur about 10x-20x every 4-6 hours. I suspect a dictionary attack or perhaps a IDS.


Question for the forum:


Is there a way to identify the source IP where the attempt was made, and if so, is it possible to block that IP from communicating to the MPX for a period of time?


Many thanks in advance.





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If you look at the event in MAS (Networks > Events) it should include "ns_client_ipaddress:" (for example) in the message field.  I have noticed in my instance it's occasionally blank, and if that's the case for you too, you could look at the raw Syslog message (Networks > Events > Syslog Messages) in MAS or locally on the MPX instance's ns.log file. It will include the remote IP address e.g.

11/11/2019:03:14:08 GMT VPX-TEST 0-PPE-0 : default CLI CMD_EXECUTED 970987 0 :  User nsroot - Remote_ip - Command "login nsroot "********"" - Status "ERROR: Invalid username or password"

You could then create an ACL to deny traffic from that IP.

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