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Unlicensed Xenserver affect on license server

Preeti Nandal


We are trying to Migrate(Not upgrade) Citrix environment from 6.0 to 7.0 series. We are using the free trail version of the product.The new hypervisors are version 7.6 (unlicensed). Is there a way these can be licensed without moving out of free trial?

Also, we are trying to move the license server to the new version. If the hypervisor stays in unlicensed mode will we face any issues with the user licence allocation or any functionality errors.

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I'm not quite following. But yes, running XenServer 7.6 free will include limits like not being able to use RBAC, live patching

and a limit of 3 hosts per pool. Also by running free you are pretty much committing to install updates to XenServer as 

they are released. You should probably iinstall 8.0 if you can. 






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You can license an existing unlicensed server, but only for currently supported versions of XenServer (including the time extensions), and for LTSR versions. It's just a matter of setting up a licenses server, installing the licensing tokens, and pointing the XenServers to the license server. Nothing on the existing hosts will be negatively impacted by enabling licenses; you just get a richer feature set then available to tap into.



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