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Portal Theme RfWebUI in OTP

Soheil Gharedaghi

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Hello everyone,


I installed a NetScaler "12.0 53.13.nc" in my lab and configured OTP for one of the v-servers, the portal theme template is RfWebUI, I changed the login page label for example "password2" to "Token Key" but nothing change and displays "Passcode" by default, other labels except "title" are not changing too, I've tried strings.en.json but no luck.



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The DEFAULT prompt for the second password field is "Password2:".... so if you just changed it from "Password 2" to "Token Code", but it's displaying "Passcode", then I have to conclude that the NGVserver simply is NOT using your portal theme, but another one (where the second password field has been set to "Passcode")!!!


The fact that other changes are not showing backs this idea up.






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