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Getting "Your apps are not available at this time. Please try again in a few minutes..." when using Workspace inside network

James OBrien


I've been looking for a solution for my problem, and I can't seem to find one.  All the solutions I find don't have the same problem or setup.


I just set up a new Citrix XenApp 7.15 LTSR environment consisting of the following:

CITRIX-NS01 (NetScaler VPX) - Running version NS13.0 36.27.nc, using Citrix NetScaler Gateway Enterprise license

CITRIX-SF01 (StoreFront, Delivery Controller, License Server) - Running Windows 2012 R2 with Citrix versions 7.15.5000.0

CITRIX-APP01 (XenApp server) - Running Windows 2012 R2 with Citrix VDA version 7.15.5000.855

DESKTOP-PC (User PC) - Running Windows 10 (1803) with Citrix Workspace


For users outside of the office, everything works fine.  They are able to launch applications within Receiver or from the web interface.  However, for users inside the office, they are only able to launch applications from the web interface.  When setting up Receiver, the error "Your apps are not available at this time.  Please try again in a few minutes..." is returned.


I have already set the beacon entries as suggested in CTX202480 (https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX202480).  The StoreFront URL is the same for both internal and external users (https://citrix.companydomain.com).


Any help would be appreciated.





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Thanks guys!


It was an issue of connecting Workspace to the Gateway instead of to StoreFront.  I just directed all the internal users to use the FQDN for the StoreFront server (CITRIX-SF01.domain.local) while the remote users use the Gateway (citrix.companydomain.com).  I pushed the SSL certificate for the StoreFront server through Group Policy.  Everything is working great now.




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I have the same issue as James. The only difference is that we have named our Store to be the same name as the Gateway address. (i.e mycitrix.company.com)

I'm able to add the account but it's not listing all the apps when set up in Workspace app internally.  Workspace app in external connections works fine.


The error message that I'm getting is:






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Internal Beacon is different from the Base URL. I'd made sure internal clients can reach the Internal Beacon and external clients cannot reach the Internal Beacon. Please note that when entering in the base url to an internal browser. I'm able to login to the Storefront and launch the applications from the browser.

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