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Outlook 2016 Seamless Application Dominating Foreground

Darren Weston1709152842


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Maybe we can identify commonality here?

1.Have you got Office 2016 Language Packs installed (you'll see them in Add/Remove Programs just above Office 2016)

2.In "Installed Updates" which "Microsoft Windows" patches do you have listed at the bottom, and what date were they installed?

3. Roughly when did this issue start? Did it start after a Windows/Office patching run you'd done?


I will compare with my list and see if there's a common thread

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1. No Office LP, but Windows Server 2012 R2 English with German LanguagePack and Office 2016 German (no LP)

2. Patches: https://i.imgur.com/pEwTNBV.png

3. I guess this did start around 2-3 weeks ago, could be one of  those Outlook 2016 patches installed on 07.11.2019


Im gonna uninstall kb4484139 and check again.

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We have multiple monitors too.

I've actually rechecked and I don't have either of these hotfixes after all! - they were released in November and we had issues in October.

Are you going to take it further and identify if just removing one of the two hotfixes rectifies the problem?

I'll need to figure out which hotfix (perhaps superceded by your two) is causing the issue for us.

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This is also interesting??



"When you start an application from StoreFront, the application might not start in the foreground or the application is in the foreground but might not have focus. As a workaround, click the icon in the task bar to bring the application to the front or in the application screen to bring it to focus. [HDX-10126]"

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have you ever fixed it?


We are facing it too a few months now and have no solution.


The W2k16 kb from november 2020 didn't fix the issue. https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/msoffice/forum/all/outlook-stuck-on-topforeground-issue-is/221b03a5-c17d-4c46-a8f5-0d01a4f6bf57?page=2

Also patched our servers with the latest february kb and office patches. Nothing helps. 

Outlook start with safe:3 (no add-ins) not fixing it.

Tried also a office repair.


It's not affecting all of our users, only a few. I cannot reproduce it with my user.

I've also seen this foreground stuck issue on a notebook with only local applications where explorer.exe stucked in foreground.

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Hello all, 

It is recently been reported from users that Outlook stays on foreground. We use WS2K12 Multisession but even tho is a known issue for microsoft, couldnt find any relevant articles about Outlook stuck on foreground and VDI. Additionally, I open a case ticket with Citrix and they came up with the great recommendation of testing if this still persists on users that are using CWA through web browser instead from their virtual desktop. Do not know what this has to do with thin client or not but looks like they wanted to avoid it.

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