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OS layer BSOD with vmware

Johan Alm



I've got an OS layer which works fine with xenserver. I've uninstalled the xen Tools in a new OS version, and now trying this version with a vmware connector. However on booting the new OS version on vmware I get a bluescreen with SYSTEM THREAD EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED(nothing more than thar). I'm also unable to boot in safe mode. Does anyone have a clue as to what the problem may be?

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The way tobdo multi hypervisor is to leave xenserver tools in the is layer.  Then create a new platform layer and install vmware tools in it plus everything else you need then use that when publishing to vsphere.    Make sure to set the hypervisor type correctly in each platform layer. 

if you also want to package on vsphere you need to create a packaging platform layer  and add vmware tools there. Then select that when creating the packaging machine. 

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