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What is the best VDA to use with LTSR 7.15 CU3?

David Ross1709151782


We currently have 7.15 CU3 running for DDC, PVS and Storefornt etc.


I've installed CU4 VDA for our deployed XenApp and Xendesktops and it's resolved a few issues we were having. 


Can we (minimum requirements permitting) use the latest 1909 VDA on our deployment in theory? 


I've picked up on in some articles performance issues with the LTSR VDA versions.



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Thanks for the reply Carl. I thought this might be the case I just wanted to see if anyone knew if I could and if there were any benefits of doing it.


I've been in an issue before with Citrix Support where they told me to up update an LTSR envrio with the latest VDA. I pushed back on this as I thought it wasn't supported and the work overhead to do it was to involved. They kept pushing though until we got out Support consultant involved. To long a story for this thread :O))


As an aside. Thanks for all your work on your website it's been an invaluable tool for a number of years for me.


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