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nFactor - Pass sAMAccountName to next factor when logon using UPN

Phil Dusome 2

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- I'm doing AoVPN where user is logging on to machine using UPN, e.g., first.last@mydomain.com, this is passed to gateway as first factor.

- Second factor is using RADIUS where the token is paired with the user's  SAM.  The SAM does not resemble the UPN, e.g. last07.

- Extracting the SAM is fairly easy.  On the LDAP server, I just specify samAccountName as SSO Name Attrinute.


For the second factor, how do I "send" SAM for username rather than UPN?


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The resolution:

- add samAccountName for Attribute 1 on the LDAP server for UPN

- for the RSA factor, use the prefill schema as a base and  customize to use ${http.req.user.attribute(1)} as initial value for username. 


Ideally the field would be hidden, but I'll figure that out later.

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