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Enter/exit maintenance mode with the API (xapi) and restart toolstack

birduser birduser


Hi, I got two questions:


1. How can I enter/exit the the maintenance mode with the xen API?

Like the docs describe here: https://xapi-project.github.io/xen-api/classes/host.html

I can only find "host.enable" and "host.disable". Is it the same? 


2. How can I restart the toolstack (respectively the xapi) with the xen API?

I found "host.restart_agent" in the "host" class of the xapi:


Is this it, or what exactly is "the agent"?



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I'm not an API guy, but I am pretty confident host enable/disable and entering/exiting maintenance 

mode are indeed the same.  I would expect restarting the agent would be the toolstack as well as 

you suspect. Some simple scripting while watching XenCenter would verify. 




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Thank for the responses! I tried, and when Disabling a host, the XenCenter shows it in maintenance mode, so indeed, enable and disable seems to be enter/exit maintenance mode. I just ask myself why are there two different terms used.


I will give a feedback when I tried "host.restart_agent" but I did not found the time to test it yet.

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